Here is one of the "Kirby" style images I just did up last week. It was a good excuse to buy tons of his stuff. KIRBY!


Voodoo Bot

They say it is better to regret something you did than something you didn't do. But, I find there is nothing as effecting as being haunted by our wrongs from the past.

Voodoo Bot has no guilt and can act like an asshole whenever he wants.


Comic Jam

What happens when you have a bunch of drunk illustrators at a bar with sketch books. Generally, it is something like the comic above. Now, ad up a couple years worth of that insanity and you get the lovely collection "Stir The Soup". If you can decipher the horrible hand writing and wade through the inside jokes you might find some jems in their. But, generally it's just dick jokes and violence...nice. The full collection should be printed up within the month.



Due to my Mexican proclivities, I was given the nickname Macho at one time. However, it was later deemed that I was more of a Nacho than a Macho. Over time Nacho started to take on a life of his own and recently he has been popping up more in my drawings. So, here is the cover of the Nacho comic that I've yet to make. Heh.