When homeless attack

I've grown up in cities my whole life, having spent my childhood in Philly, my college days in Syracuse, and now living in Brooklyn. So, one would think that interacting with the homeless would not be an issue, and up until I moved to NYC is wasn't. In Philly I even got to be friendly with many of the fixtures of South street, saying howdy to those folks who pan-handled on that dirty little strip since I was in diapers. Then somehow, in my first year in New York, I got some crazy homeless hex. I was marked by the dread street urchin curse, causing one to be randomly targeted for homeless abuse. Granted it has only been 3 minor incidents, the worst of which was a kick in the ass (yes a homeless man literally kicked me in the ass.) But, after this last incident I became extremely self conscious and had paranoid delusions of some homeless conspiracy.

I was able to eventually get over my anxiety and put this homeless fear behind me. Then I made the mistake of buying an XBOX 360. More specifically I bought a game 'Condemned'. This game puts the player in a creepy, gritty, hyper-real world, with rooms created with real photographed textures and lit like the movie 'Seven'. And, then it sends wave after wave of dirty, psycho HOMELESS MEN at you. So, you spend hours creeping along with a flashlight through burnt out buildings bashing crazy bums in the head with pipes. Fantastic. Needless to say my homeless fear has reemerged. I can't pass by a poor unfortunate street person and think that they might suddenly try to attack me. Thank you Atari and thank you XBOX. Granted I'm a wimp with a hyper-active imagination and most folks wont suffer any paranoid delusions from playing 'Condemned'. But, if games keep getting more and more realistic I feel that there must be some impact on our mental state.


Food Made Me Fat

"Is the food industry to blame for obesity epidemic?" At least that's what the folks in Concord think. Gotta love a country where you can take legal action blaming food for making you fat. Here is their beef. heh.


I love it.

What I also love is Coca-Cola BLAK! Coffee flavored cola...almost as awesome as caffeine beer. I asked for caffeine beer and here it is. Now, where is mineral beer. That's what I really want. Then I don't have to feel so bad about drinking it all day long. It's not enough to just be "light" any more beer. Now, you have to make me healthier while you get me drunk.


Day 1

Here it is. The first posting for Bullshit Quarterly.
Gonna put up sketches and whatnot...shiz.
I'll try and have something new every week.