Billy Bananas

Nice! Billy Bananas is the star characters from one of the spots I animated for Comedy Central through the boys at Interspectacular. Billy was designed by Tristan Eaton, the vinyl king of Brooklyn. So, naturally Billy has been made FLESH! Vinyl Pulse has more to say about it.


Ride It!

I picked up a bunch of these wooden plackards in Hong Kong with these awesome deities riding beasts. After digging them up years later I did a little modernized version of one. "Make it edgey and urban!"



Now, I wouldn't recommend renting this movie unless you love the epitome of "good and terrible". My buddy Tom described it as "bafflingly awful sci-thriller features time-capsule 80s hairstyles, neutered pussy cops, chixx bathing in alien-sperm, and rapist aliens with vagina-mouths. this sounds far better than the end result." At least it was inspiration for the old sketch book.


Coats are Nice

Here is another illustration for the up and cumming Mammal Magazine. The site is up too...but, there's nothing there yet. Check it out anyway mammalmag.com.