Need Kicks

The sneaker implosion is coming. So, say the experts. Soon all these custom kicks and designer limited edition sneaks is gonna be passe and we will all be wrapping our feet with newspaper and duck-tape. So, say the experts. That or coconut shells and twine or salted fish. So, say the experts. EXPERTS!


BDA Goodness

A couple of the network IDs I animated at Interspectacular for Comedy Central are being nominated for awards at this years Promax BDA. Now, I'm not entirely sure about the category, possibly "Best Collaborative Effort". But, I do know which IDs made it."Cow-Saw" is one I actually wrote, designed and animated, "Snowman" I did with Superdeux, "Billy Bananas" with character designs by Tristan Eaton, and "Robo-Girl vs Spankbot" I did based on a characters from the original 2004 Comedy Central redesign.

Good stuff! Of course If they win anything I wont see any part of it...But, at least I can brag about it on my own.


Issue One

I just finished photocopying up the first batch of "Most Teeth" number one. Sometimes I get on these comic kicks, but don't have the time to actually sit down and do it properly...like starting with a solid story, developing the characters and what not. So, I end up with these sequential narratives that I just write as I go based around character pulled from my sketch books. The core narrative is a little tale about Digital Cat. Digital cat has a square head and is hence digital...8-bit style...that's it, that's all there is to him. Oh, and he is always trying to get Digital Bird. Sound familiar? Anyway, now I've got a mini comic that collects some of this nonsense called "Most Teeth. I'm gonna try and make available through my site when I get a sec. Yay, commerce. Look out for Digital Cat shirts next! Heh.



Bean head is daunted by nothing.