Baby Mammal's First Review

Since the release of the first issue of Mammal we’ve gotten lots of great feedback from folks. On the whole it’s been very positive and most of the criticism has been due to the somewhat disjointed nature of the collection. When it comes down to it, Mammal #1 is a bit of a mish-mosh of styles and strangeness. So, the lukewarm tone of our fist “official review” from Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura is understandable.

In the latest issue of Giant Robot (#51), this is what Eric had to say… “This art publication went right over my head. The nice pages and crisp layout suggest some serious graphic schooling and know-how, but the content is utter confusion. Actually, an udder is much easier to understand than the imaginary country or bizarre advice sections! The odd thing is that the Web site is totally lucid and clear. At least be consistent, fellas!”

We are hoping that issue #2 will have a more cohesive feel and therefore be less ‘confusing’. But, on the other hand it may just be that the strange ideas and general weirdness of Mammal is not for everyone. I got a kick out of Eric’s inclusion of the word udder is his review. I really think Mammal’s new slogan should be “Udder Confusion”. Nice.

Anyway, much thanks for the review Eric! All feedback is most appreciated.


TV Guide Online Video Awards

A couple weeks ago I found out the web show I created for Comedy Central, 5ON, was one of the four nominees for "Best Animated Web Show" in the inaugural TV Guide Online Video Awards. You can go an place your vote...FOR ME!... here .
Sadly, the actual ceremony, which would have taken place December 1st, has been canceled due to the Writer's strike. Boo hoo hoo (real crying)...no red carpet for me.

Since I can't thank them on stage in front of an actual audience, I would like to take this time to thank everyone who worked on the show and my mother for leaving her underground comics around when I was young...they fucked me up big time. Thank You!


Party Mammals

Who are these losers you ask? None other than the Mammal gang celebrating the release of issue numero uno at Rocketship Comics. The party was a resounding success. We drank booze, sold books, and a good time was had by all. If you want to get your own copy of the book, head on over to the Mammal website store and purchase yourself one!

Here are some more pics of the event.


Mammal Magazine

A while back I posted about a collaborative venture between me and some other illustrator friends. It is a anthology / portfolio mailer featuring the work of 6 artists. The theme of this first issue was "newness". Mostly, because this is the first one and we really didn't have a cohesive body of work between the 6 of us other than it was a new thing for all of us. ha. It took over a year to organize, finish the work, and finally print. But, now after long last, it has arrived. We will be having a release party Thursday, November 8th at Rocketship Comics (Smith St. in Brooklyn).


That's all folks!

Episode 5 and 6 of 5ON are all rolled up and shipped out. As of now I don't think there will be another round, but you never know. I got a couple other shows in the works that will hopefully be coming out soon!

As always you can view the episodes at Atom Films.

or here.

and here!

Episode 5 : Monsters on Celebutantes

Episode 6 : Wizards on Hip-hop obscenity


5ON on DRAWN! (on on on)

Some wonderful words of praise from the peeps at DRAWN! Thanks for helping to get the word out about the show guys! Mucho appreciato.

Also, while I'm at it, gotta thank the folks at Channel Frederator for getting the word out as well. Thanks all!


5 ON - Episode 4 (Brains!)

They keep rolling out! Here is Zombies on Presidential Candidates. I'm thinking it may be the best to date. Check it out.

The clean version can be seen at Atom Films here


The directors cut here!

and here



5 ON - Episode 3 (now with more demons!)

Number 3 went up this week. This episode made me realize how bad the editor of 5ON is. He manages to get only clips of Alan being harassed and no actual opinions on the environment. Poor Alan. Anyway, as usual here are the two versions.

The one for Atom Films is here.

Or you can watch the directors cut with all the naughty bits here.

and here



5 ON - Episode 2!

Episode two, Robots on Immigration, just went up! You can check it out
here on Atom Films.

Or the directors cut here!

and here



Big Ups at Platform Fest!

Hooray! "The Secret Life of Robots" got "Best Film for the internet" at the Platform Festival. My bit featuring "Robot Sex" was one of the segments from this collaborative endevour put together by the folks at Channel Frederator. A special thanks to Lee and Dan over there at Frederator for putting this all together.


5 ON : Pilot Show

It finally happened. I popped my cherry. Well, my web-show cherry. Check out the first episode of my new animated series for Comedy Central, 5ON! Intrepid reporter, Alan Whiter, interviews a vast variety of bizarre creatures to get their opinions on what's going on in the world today. In this first one, he finds out what Aliens think people should do with their Sunday evenings, now that HBO's fan favorite, Sapranos, is no longer filling the slot. I owe much thanks to hilarious comic writers, John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, wrote and performed this baby.

Check out the Comedy Central version...

OR...you can watch the uncensored directors cut

and here


TCM Underground in Stash

A little while back I got to work on some fantastic spots for TCM's new late night grind-house film block called TCM Undeground. The characters were pulled from the print campaign with some bizarre mutants, geeks, and weirdos done by Mike Dixon. The animation design took a heavy influences from Edward Gorey and old punk posters. I did all illutstration and animation on the spots with help from Freestyle Collective's Mark Belnculla. It was fun taking a break form the usual motion graphics and hunkering down on some traditional animation. But, after 8 weeks of 10 hour days of none stop drawing...I don't know how those disney folks do it. The whole set are gonna be in STASH this month. But, you can check them all out.here as well.

Volvo Is Fun!

Got to do some fun character design work for a Volvo spot through Interspectacular last month for the Volvo S40. The concept was "Volvo is a world of fun to drive" which presented a opportunity to do some more playful designs. They posted here if you want to check it out. Robots, robots, robots, my favorite. The original has some insane aliens and demons in it as well...but that was deemed not so fun by the agency folks.


Small Tips

Mammal Magazine is almost complete. Just doing the final layout and getting quotes from printers. Soon! Soon, it will be done. It's all very exciting.


Mammal Magazine

Mammal Magazine is an art rag with illustration, comics, and other good stuff. The first issue will be coming out very soon and will be featuring some drawings I've posted earlier as well as work by many of the folks in my link section. Check out the site for more information.


Look Honey! An Artist!

When working at certain design shops around Chelsea I make it a habit of having coffee in the morning at the City Bakery on 18th. It's a bit overpriced, but the space is great with a second floor of seating that looks out into the whole place. Anywho, one morning this weekend dad was getting his little girl breakfast and remarked to his daughter at the fact the I was drawing. I felt a bit like a zoo animal or a poor peasant in a 3rd world country where vacationing tourist pass by snapping pictures of my labor. This guys was a living cliche. Half the stuff that came out of his mouth sounded like it was scripted for a family comedy. So, I was inspired to record the moment as I sat there listening to him prattle. Good times.


Billy Bananas

Nice! Billy Bananas is the star characters from one of the spots I animated for Comedy Central through the boys at Interspectacular. Billy was designed by Tristan Eaton, the vinyl king of Brooklyn. So, naturally Billy has been made FLESH! Vinyl Pulse has more to say about it.


Ride It!

I picked up a bunch of these wooden plackards in Hong Kong with these awesome deities riding beasts. After digging them up years later I did a little modernized version of one. "Make it edgey and urban!"



Now, I wouldn't recommend renting this movie unless you love the epitome of "good and terrible". My buddy Tom described it as "bafflingly awful sci-thriller features time-capsule 80s hairstyles, neutered pussy cops, chixx bathing in alien-sperm, and rapist aliens with vagina-mouths. this sounds far better than the end result." At least it was inspiration for the old sketch book.


Coats are Nice

Here is another illustration for the up and cumming Mammal Magazine. The site is up too...but, there's nothing there yet. Check it out anyway mammalmag.com.