The Scratch

From a Lee "Scratch" Perry interview recently in Giant Robot.

"I am a fish, so I get telepathic communication straight from the Seven Seas, straight from the raindrops, and straight from the toilet in my bathroom. You can get communication from your bathroom. Believe in your piss. Believe in your shit. If you did not get water to drink, you could not piss. And if you had no food to eat, you could not shit. So respect the shit and the piss. Your piss comes from the Seven Seas, and your shit from the bottomless pit of stink. The piss will tell you what you need to know, and the shit will tell you what you need to hear with telepathic communication. You have to be open."

I already loved the music. Now, I idolize the man. Mr. Perry, you have my vote.


Small Bites

I've become preoccupied with people with small mouths. Now, this is not some weird mutant feature possessed by a few individuals, there are many small mouthed people out there. In fact my mouth is not particularly large. But, some folks just got little mouths with little teeth. Just sayin'. Little teeth taking little bites of food.


Ghost Town

"Do you remember the good old days before the ghost town? We danced and we sang, and the music played inna de boomtown."

A little Specials inspired draw-eeng for ya.


Consume This!

I tried a Coca-Cola Blak this weekend...and I am surprised to say that it wasn't half bad. After a tentative sniff and a slightly disgusted first sip I found myself enjoying the strange beverage more and more. My final prognosis...Delicious. It tastes more like something the canned-coffee-obsessed Japanese would come up with though. So, I'm not sure how the response is going to be in the states. If I wasn't scarred of what coke will do to my teeth I would drink blak like water. "Don't be scurred! Stay vigilant!"


Mo' Munny Mo' Munny

When Kid Robot came out with their "Design-it-yo-self" Munny toy last year I got take part in a bi-coastal show of the little dudes custom painted by various artists, designers, cartoonist, and what-have-you. The Munnies were then auctioned off to raise money for the "Feed the Children" foundation. So, that was a nice event all 'round. Now, it looks like my little "Skully" is gonna be included in a poster featuring some of the custom Munnies from the event. Good stuff.


The Cree-yay-tor

The experts say...With all the tech, production, and manufacturing jobs going over seas...all we got left is service and creative industries. Us sad ass designer, artist, creative types are gonna have to bust our asses even more. Well, I guess we can all become stock brokers, doctors, and lawyers still. Eff, that. I think I'm just gonna write a book on how to be more creative...If only I could write. ESL Baby!!!


Stalker Paradise

The internet has become an amazing social network connecting millions into, every new-media producer's favorite key word, communities. I jokingly posed the idea that we've really only created a perfect device for serving all the covert voyuers and extroverted attention whores in the world. Really, all the bloggy-post-your-own type portals put peoples lives out on display, encouraging interconectivity, and generating a new mode of tracking down like minded peers...finding mates....stalking ex-boyfriends...what have you. But, it is a controlled exposure into one's life. Each profile is a highly self-consious (or not so highly in some cases) representation of ourselves. In the end it's almost like a training ground in self-marketing.

I sell me too.


Now, I know that advertising on TV is supposedly going the way of the dodo, with people purchasing content through DVDs, downloading shows directly, or tivoing through the commercials. But, is putting a Crest ad on your HMV's rims the answer!? Video rims may be the next place we get our new wave of immersive advertising.