Ugly Americans

Very exciting news! An animated TV show I pitched to Comedy Central just got green lit for a pilot. It's called Ugly Americans, and is in many ways a spin off of the web series, 5ON, I did for Comedy last year. David Stern knocked out a hilarious script and the animation is underway at Augenblick studios. It's looking great and we're all very excited about the show.

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Neo Manhattan / Neo Brooklyn

In the future Manhattan will be a glowing paradise for the super rich. The poor and working class will be pushed deep into the outer burrows where life is a bleak struggle for survival. Yay! Future!


Mammal 002 - Release Party

Come celebrate with us! Drink some beers, play some Rockband, and check out the latest issue of Mammal Magazine. 96 burly pages of macho flexing. It’s happening Wednesday, Oct. 1st at Angels & Kings from 7 - 10pm. Huzah!



Another bit pulled from the sketchbook. Dropped some color in. Slice.



Here is my painting for the upcoming Dollypop show at World of Wonder gallery. I would have loved to do a mask for this one, but there just wasn't the enough time. Blip.


La Fist

Here is one of the masks for my show coming up in... mmm... January. So, it's gonna be a while. 
There will be paintings of all the "strange beards" plus 3 to 4 masks. T-shirts, posters, and beards for everyone!

Why Women Love Me

I love women! And, they love me!...and here is why. I know, I know. I have deep seeded issues that even years of therapy cannot solve.


Buildings / Brains

More from the sketch.

Women Draw

Went to a cool little event out in the Williamsburg-ish area called Woman Working in Panels. I like ladies and I like comics. But, ladies making comics! Huzah! Rebecca Donner, Fly, Miriam Katin, Leslie Stein, Sara Varon, and Lauren Weinstein all talked about being a chica in the comic world. I typically steer clear of comic panel type events, but this was quite enjoyable and very informative. It probably helped that you got a beer with your ticket in. Nice!


I Am 8-Bit

Here is the mask I made for the upcoming "I Am 8-Bit" show. It's paper mache, paint, and a pair of jumbo sunglasses for the eye holes. The show is in LA this August.


Back to Sketch

Sometime you just gotta doodle it out. Here we have a a street scene, a kind of beer, and a reference to evolution. Stream of doodle.


Mammals at MoCCA

This is Mammal's first year rocking the comic con scene, and being that we are all based out of NYC MoCCA was a must. We spend so much time hidden away in our houses and studios working on Mammal Magazine and all our other Mammal endeavors that it is easy to lose perspective on the work. So, it definitely feels good to put that stuff out there and finally see what people are thinking. See how they respond. We suffered through some insanely high temperatures, and a fire scare. But, over all a good time was had by all. The highlight had to be Michel Gondry hitting on Jim's girlfriend, Laura. I can't wait until I'm so famous that I can hit on people's girlfriends, and right in front their boyfriend's face no less.

This is That

In the first issue of Mammal I created two comics with four random folks commenting on a specific topic. "Coats" and "Therapy" were the first two. I just finished up two more. I hope to keep 'em going and have a little series eventually. "Punching" and "Crying" are the latest. Check 'em out.


Beard Shirts Are Here!

I made the "Facial Hair Types" illustration a while back. Usually once I'm done with an image or an idea, that's it. I move on to the next. But, the beards really stuck with me and I've been working them into a couple other mediums. The most recent and most exciting for me right now, is a T-SHIRT! Check out the latest addition to the Mammal apparel collection. Boombox Beard!

Pick up one today at the Mammal web store!


Am I Tough?

In line with the “machismo” theme of our upcoming issue of Mammal I went around the New York Comic con snapping pics of folks as either “Tough” or “Not Tough”. People who I was too scared to brand myself I gave the option of choosing, which produced some fantastic responses. This, I think, may be the winner for the day. Thank you Lou Ferrigno for being awesome!

Check out who else we got here.


Mammals at the Con!

If you’re coming to the New York Comic Con this week come visit the Mammal crew at booth # 2364! We’re gonna have Mammal merch out the hoo-ha, including our brand spanking new t-shirt and original work from issue #2. Come say, howdy. We’d love to see you… and smell you…and touch you!


Daring American Comics!

About four years ago my buddy Ben came up with a couple insane comic book scripts. Dan, Tom and myself took on the job of penciling and inking these bizarre little tales. We each only had to do 7 pages in order to create the final page count of what would be the first issue of "Daring American Comics". It took almost an entire year to finish...yes, a year. But, that's not the saddest part. Once we finally finished the pages we were all so sick of looking at them that the project was quietly abandoned. It wasn't an intentional thing really. There were just other projects, jobs, and various distractions that got in the way. That was 3 years ago. Well, a couple weeks ago I had a couple days of free time between some gigs and decided to finally compile the pages at long last into a finished book. I dusted off the pages, scanned 'em in, and threw in some gray tones for a final touch. So, here it is! A 21 page comic book that was four years in the making. Daring American Comics Number One!

I don't think we're gonna do a large print run, but it is available for purchase through Lulu, as print on demand or digital format. So, get yourself a copy!

In the meantime here are some pics of the book.


Self Visualization Project

Here is another page for the upcoming issue of Mammal (#2 : Machisom). It is a series of three empowering images that ask the viewer to place themselves within the scenario. I’ve been slightly obsessed with the concept of self-help and these drawings were born out of some of the strange strategies I’ve read/and watched on personal improvement. Such as this fantastic clip.

you can check out the other pages from the series here.



Hair styles for men and women

Just finished up some illustrations for the next issue of Mammal. The theme for issue #2 is "MACHISMO", and so facial hair seemed like a good place to start. The beards felt lonely by themselves so I threw in something for the ladies too. The ladies hairstyle is a re-interpretation of an older piece. When I had the old version of "Ladies Hairstyles" on my site it got more hits than any my other illustrations. I'm guessing this is all do to it being called "Ladies Hairstyles". Funny how much weight there is in naming conventions. I should call all my illustrations "hot teen sex"! Shit would blow up!