It's gonna be Ugly

My new show for Comedy Central, Ugly Americans, has made it's first official appearance on the televisions! The teaser trailer aired November 19th, during the season finale of South Park. You can check it out here along with official website, Facebook site, and character sites for Callie, Randall, and Mark.

...and here is a clip from the first episode!


Panelist Show at GRNY

Giant Robot NY is putting on a a great group show of comic art folks this week called Panelists 5. I was lucky enough to get one of my beard paintings in the show. The reception is this Saturday, June 6th, at 6:30pm. Come check out all the awesome work!


Feel the Ugly

It's coming. Yes, indeed. It's coming.

Animation Magazine
Comedy Central

Beards Win!

It is always interesting to see what will resonate with people. Some work I do, I'm sure everyone will love, and it falls flat. Other things, done on a whim, blow up. The 'Facial Hair Types' I did for Mammal 002 has been selected for 3x3 Illustration Annual No. 5 and American Illustration 28. What can I say. People love beards.

horn. tooted.


More Billy

Continuing my trend of animating Tristan Eaton characters, I got a chance to bring Billy Bananas to life again for an art event at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. This is a condensed version of the actual piece, which is an hour long loop of Billy breathing, broken up by brief moments of zaniness. I've strung all the action together along with some footage of the piece being displayed in the gallery. Yes, that is me talking to myself like an idiot in the video.

Billy Bananas Loop from Devin Clark on Vimeo.

Tiffany gets another show

VH1 continues to baffle and amaze me by milking this trend of trashy competitive dating shows and spinning them off into countless other woefuly trashy reality shows. Tiffany Pollard (New York), originally a contestant on Flavor of Love with Flavor Flav, got her own dating show I Love New York which ran for two seasons in 2007. And now! The latest turd to fall out of VH1's ass...New York Goes to Work in which the audience can vote on what terrible job Tiffany will be subjected to each week. Despite the show's lack of anything resembling quality, working on the intro was quite fun. Tristan Eaton knocked out some great designs, and I brought them life with the creative direction of Interspectacular. I think all in all we got a pretty great 30 second intro.

New York Goes to Work: Intro Title from Devin Clark on Vimeo.


Beard Revue

Got a shout out on Beard Revue, a great site for all things 'facial hair' by Michael Buchino.


The Shart

Here is a card from 'The Tarot Deck of Secret Fears and Social Anxieties' for the upcoming issue of Mammal Magazine. Other cards in the series are 'The Tool', 'Boring', 'Drunk Dial', and 'Becoming Your Mother'. Ha! Comedy.


Cock Connection?

A couple years back I did a humorous short film about a day in the life of my penis, complete with a directors commentary, called COCK.

Cock from Devin Clark on Vimeo.

Recently, I came across this ad on Youtube.

Is it possible that the creative wizards at Lactacyd ever saw COCK? Probably not. Chalk it up to collective conscious or pop culture zeitgeist of crotch films.


All Beards!

Join me this Friday evening at the Fall Cafe for the opening reception of my first solo show. 'All Beards' is a series of paintings and masks depicting strange and humorous facial hair styles. I will also be presenting the unique opportunity of purchasing my actual beard...from my face. Amazing!

Fall Cafe is located at 307 Smith St. (a block from the Carroll stop off the F)
The reception is from 7 - 9 pm.

Late comers can join us up the street at Bar Great Harry afterword.
(280 Smith St.)

All proceeds will go to the "Help Devin Pay His Taxes Fund".
I hope to see you there!



Odyssey T-Shirt / Sweatshirt Design

Continuing the beard-mania theme, I did a design for my buddy at Odyssey BMX, Jim Bauer. Here is my lovely model, Jenny, sporting one of the sweatshirts.

Check out the Odyssey post here!

So, what are you waiting for?!? Go pick yourself up a t-shirt or an awesome sweatshirt now!

Got some solid praise from Krt Schmidt on the shirt!

Man Tusks!

Here is the second mask for my upcoming art show, end of February, at the Fall Cafe. Man Tusk!


Frostie Beats

A couple years back I did some design and illustrations for a collaborative vinyl toy with Interspectacular & Kid Robot, based on a character by Studio Number One. The character, Frostie Beats, was originally for a Comedy Central spot back in 2003. Funny how things work out that way. A 15 second spot spun into a vinyl toy. Kid Robot even printed up the insert I illustrated to include in the box. Nice!