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Women Draw

Went to a cool little event out in the Williamsburg-ish area called Woman Working in Panels. I like ladies and I like comics. But, ladies making comics! Huzah! Rebecca Donner, Fly, Miriam Katin, Leslie Stein, Sara Varon, and Lauren Weinstein all talked about being a chica in the comic world. I typically steer clear of comic panel type events, but this was quite enjoyable and very informative. It probably helped that you got a beer with your ticket in. Nice!


I Am 8-Bit

Here is the mask I made for the upcoming "I Am 8-Bit" show. It's paper mache, paint, and a pair of jumbo sunglasses for the eye holes. The show is in LA this August.


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Sometime you just gotta doodle it out. Here we have a a street scene, a kind of beer, and a reference to evolution. Stream of doodle.