Food Made Me Fat

"Is the food industry to blame for obesity epidemic?" At least that's what the folks in Concord think. Gotta love a country where you can take legal action blaming food for making you fat. Here is their beef. heh.


I love it.

What I also love is Coca-Cola BLAK! Coffee flavored cola...almost as awesome as caffeine beer. I asked for caffeine beer and here it is. Now, where is mineral beer. That's what I really want. Then I don't have to feel so bad about drinking it all day long. It's not enough to just be "light" any more beer. Now, you have to make me healthier while you get me drunk.

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BlankMC said...

I've been on a eating binge for the last 2 years, hopefully this lawsuit goes through with flying colors and I can get rich and buy lots of caffeine beer to drown my fat ass sorrows in.

Check this article, it's interesting