Stalker Paradise

The internet has become an amazing social network connecting millions into, every new-media producer's favorite key word, communities. I jokingly posed the idea that we've really only created a perfect device for serving all the covert voyuers and extroverted attention whores in the world. Really, all the bloggy-post-your-own type portals put peoples lives out on display, encouraging interconectivity, and generating a new mode of tracking down like minded peers...finding mates....stalking ex-boyfriends...what have you. But, it is a controlled exposure into one's life. Each profile is a highly self-consious (or not so highly in some cases) representation of ourselves. In the end it's almost like a training ground in self-marketing.

I sell me too.


Now, I know that advertising on TV is supposedly going the way of the dodo, with people purchasing content through DVDs, downloading shows directly, or tivoing through the commercials. But, is putting a Crest ad on your HMV's rims the answer!? Video rims may be the next place we get our new wave of immersive advertising.

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