BDA Goodness

A couple of the network IDs I animated at Interspectacular for Comedy Central are being nominated for awards at this years Promax BDA. Now, I'm not entirely sure about the category, possibly "Best Collaborative Effort". But, I do know which IDs made it."Cow-Saw" is one I actually wrote, designed and animated, "Snowman" I did with Superdeux, "Billy Bananas" with character designs by Tristan Eaton, and "Robo-Girl vs Spankbot" I did based on a characters from the original 2004 Comedy Central redesign.

Good stuff! Of course If they win anything I wont see any part of it...But, at least I can brag about it on my own.

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Anonymous said...

DEVIN should Win! Those cartoons are amazing!
And that is not "bullshit", not even quarterly.