Mammal Magazine

A while back I posted about a collaborative venture between me and some other illustrator friends. It is a anthology / portfolio mailer featuring the work of 6 artists. The theme of this first issue was "newness". Mostly, because this is the first one and we really didn't have a cohesive body of work between the 6 of us other than it was a new thing for all of us. ha. It took over a year to organize, finish the work, and finally print. But, now after long last, it has arrived. We will be having a release party Thursday, November 8th at Rocketship Comics (Smith St. in Brooklyn).


fishbucket said...

so, who are the mammal artists that we can expect to see in this mammal book?

Devin said...

the artists in the first issue

Matt Dorfman
Tom Forget
Jim Cooke
Dan Meth
Ben Marra
and myself