Mammal Magazine

A while back I posted about a collaborative venture between me and some other illustrator friends. It is a anthology / portfolio mailer featuring the work of 6 artists. The theme of this first issue was "newness". Mostly, because this is the first one and we really didn't have a cohesive body of work between the 6 of us other than it was a new thing for all of us. ha. It took over a year to organize, finish the work, and finally print. But, now after long last, it has arrived. We will be having a release party Thursday, November 8th at Rocketship Comics (Smith St. in Brooklyn).



so, who are the mammal artists that we can expect to see in this mammal book?

devin@bodyatomic.com said...

the artists in the first issue

Matt Dorfman
Tom Forget
Jim Cooke
Dan Meth
Ben Marra
and myself