Baby Mammal's First Review

Since the release of the first issue of Mammal we’ve gotten lots of great feedback from folks. On the whole it’s been very positive and most of the criticism has been due to the somewhat disjointed nature of the collection. When it comes down to it, Mammal #1 is a bit of a mish-mosh of styles and strangeness. So, the lukewarm tone of our fist “official review” from Giant Robot’s Eric Nakamura is understandable.

In the latest issue of Giant Robot (#51), this is what Eric had to say… “This art publication went right over my head. The nice pages and crisp layout suggest some serious graphic schooling and know-how, but the content is utter confusion. Actually, an udder is much easier to understand than the imaginary country or bizarre advice sections! The odd thing is that the Web site is totally lucid and clear. At least be consistent, fellas!”

We are hoping that issue #2 will have a more cohesive feel and therefore be less ‘confusing’. But, on the other hand it may just be that the strange ideas and general weirdness of Mammal is not for everyone. I got a kick out of Eric’s inclusion of the word udder is his review. I really think Mammal’s new slogan should be “Udder Confusion”. Nice.

Anyway, much thanks for the review Eric! All feedback is most appreciated.

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samantha hahn said...

oops...I just noticed the link to buy it from your site. Gonna get it pronto.