Mammals at MoCCA

This is Mammal's first year rocking the comic con scene, and being that we are all based out of NYC MoCCA was a must. We spend so much time hidden away in our houses and studios working on Mammal Magazine and all our other Mammal endeavors that it is easy to lose perspective on the work. So, it definitely feels good to put that stuff out there and finally see what people are thinking. See how they respond. We suffered through some insanely high temperatures, and a fire scare. But, over all a good time was had by all. The highlight had to be Michel Gondry hitting on Jim's girlfriend, Laura. I can't wait until I'm so famous that I can hit on people's girlfriends, and right in front their boyfriend's face no less.

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samantha hahn said...

oh so cool. you guys look great. nice set-up!!