It's gonna be Ugly

My new show for Comedy Central, Ugly Americans, has made it's first official appearance on the televisions! The teaser trailer aired November 19th, during the season finale of South Park. You can check it out here along with official website, Facebook site, and character sites for Callie, Randall, and Mark.

...and here is a clip from the first episode!


Aaron Simpson said...

Congrats, Devin. I just told my Tivo to tidy up and start making some space for a new show in 2010. Can't wait.

Unknown said...

Loved Ugly Americans!!! It was insanely clever and funny. I am in awe....and addicted. Loved also that you used the word - Douchnozzle!!! It's my new favorite word. We used it last week on Retail Hell Underground blog...a monstrous world of its own - angry retail slaves, mannequins, and shopping carts. Anyway, I'm a fan for forever. Can't wait for the next episodes!!

Sean P. Diddy Sullivan said...

Sooo sick. Ugly Americans is beyond awesome.